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Wave overtopping and flooding in coastal and port areas: Tools for an early warning, emergency planning and risk management system

The main objective of the project is to develop, implement and validate a set of tools/methodologies for an early warning, forecast and alert, emergency planning and risk management system, named HIDRALERTA.
This WebGIS system will help responsible authorities to monitor, prevent and/or manage overtopping and flooding emergency events in coastal and port areas and to plan investments thereon a long-term basis. The new system will include the following tools/ methodologies to become efficient, reliable and robust:

  1. Use satellite and video images, numerical and physical modelling, and quantitative and probabilistic risk assessment techniques to enhance the reliability and efficiency of the system;
  2. Establish/implement/monitor emergency plans to help authorities handle these events.

The test cases are Costa da Caparica and Ericeira harbour, sites with significant occurrence of wave driven overtopping and flooding with significant consequences for the infrastructures, goods, and people.